SoulCredz Credentials

Secure, transparent, and tamper-proof way to verify academic and professional achievements. With our blockchain-backed platform, you can trust that credentials are authentic and reliable, making hiring, admissions, and educational processes more efficient.

Global Digital Credential Platform

We are building an infrastructure for digital academic credentials that can support the education systems of the future. Our mission is to create a trusted, distributed, and shared infrastructure that will become the standard for issuing, storing, displaying, and verifying academic credentials, digitally on the blockchain.

100% traceable, zero fraud, zero paper.

Automated issuing that reduces credentialing time from days to minutes.

Making a positive impact on decarbonisation, driving sustainable change worldwide.

Achieving financial savings in overhead and staffing costs through digital innovation.

Our Innovative Technology

We’ve developed a platform harnessing cutting-edge blockchain technology. Within this platform, we introduce Soul-bound Tokens (SBTs) to uniquely capture an individual’s qualifications and accomplishments, effectively securing their digital credentials in the realm of Web3. SBTs are cryptographic tokens that securely link an individual’s qualifications and achievements to a blockchain, ensuring the authenticity and permanence of verifiable documents.


All personal information data is held and owned by the original data holder (the partner/client). We supply the tokens to the institution to issue and then the token is jointly owned by both the university and the individual.

Partners & Clients

We are currently finalising partnership with organisations and institutions. Major partnership announcements globally are to be expected in Q4 2023.